OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Ten Michigan girls earned all-American honors in the junior division at the USA Wrestling girls wrestling national championship in Oklahoma City on Saturday, March 28.

Michigan was led by champions 121-pounder Marina Goocher and Hannah Jewell at 139.

Others earning all-American honors include:

  • Emily Fuller, second at 130 pounds
  • Kenya Spencer, second at 159 pounds
  • Theresa Rankin, third at 112 pounds
  • Paige Amy, third at 130 pounds
  • Sam Cushard, fourth at 172 pounds
  • Jessica Book, fifth at 148 pounds
  • Terra Cahoon, fifth at 121
  • Ali Hernandez, seventh at 117 pounds

The tournament concludes on Sunday, March 29, with the schoolgirls division and junior team duals.

Dominic Adams is a journalist and wrestling coach based in Fenton, Mich. He can be reached via email here.


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