GRASS LAKE, MI — Girls wrestling in Michigan is poised to take a historic step in the near future.

But it is imperative the girls wrestling community across the state show up in huge numbers of participants and supporters at the War of the Roses annual state tournament on Sunday, March 6 at Grass Lake High School.

Michigan High School Athletic Assoication representatives have indicated they will be in Grass Lake doing research about adding a sanctioned girls state tournament.

The best way to show the MHSAA the huge need for the association to sanction a girls state tournament is to have as many girls from Michigan wrestling at Grass Lake on March 6. You can register online here.

Even if you don’t have wrestlers competing the athletes need you to come support them and voice your opinion to the MHSAA that it is long overdue in its obligation to add a girls state tournament.

Current and future girl wrestlers in Michigan need your support online, too.

Share this post on your social networks using the hashtag #MHSAAaddgirlswrestling. Tweet it, like it, repost it as much as possible throughout the week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Also be sure to do it more than once per day.

We would love you to share photos of the strong, independent and passionate girl wrestlers we have in Michigan. Share a photo of your daughter, relative or girl teammate who currently wrestles or wrestled in the past. Please use the hashtag #MHSAAaddgirlswrestling. Feel free to post multiple photos as often as you can.

Our goal at Michigan Girls Wrestling is to inspire wrestlers, parents and supporters to flood the MHSAA with pleas that the organization level the playing field and implement a girls state championship.

Want to get involved, but can’t be at Grass Lake High School on March 6? Take the following actions to advocate for equal opportunities for girl wrestlers in Michigan:

  • Write the MHSAA to tell them why you think it’s time the organization adds a girls state championship. Email Mark Uyl assistant director of the MHSAA and head of wrestling at mark@mhsaa.com.
  • Write a letter to your school district’s athletic director and indicate why girls deserve the same opportunity to wrestle for a state championship that boys already have.
  • Ask your high school coach and athletic director to contact Mark and the MHSAA to tell them why Michigan needs to add a girls state tournament for wrestling.

Remember to share this post as often as possible on all of your social networks using the hashtag #MHSAAaddgirlswrestling.


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