Michigan’s only grass roots girls wrestling non-profit organization. We are dedicated to creating new opportunities for young female wrestlers everywhere. To help them become student athletes in college. Provide tournament opportunity, travel to events, training, education, and most of all be great people.
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Michigan Women’s Wrestling – two primary areas of focus that drive our mission – long term athlete development and coaching development and education.

Senior level- creating opportunities to train and compete at senior open tournaments with sponsorship and fundraising, continued support for graduate students and Olympic hopefuls and a chance for these athletes to give back.

College level- Helping create college recruiting opportunities. Competing in College, FILA Junior, Open, and Senior level events. Providing support to programs in many ways to help make positive student athlete experience at great Universities that supports women’s wrestling.

High school level- The teams that participate as of late have been on task and participate at the nations highest level and do very well. We look to continue to be one of the best programs in the country and provide athletes with the things they need to train to be the very best. Competing at local, regional, national and international levels in all girls events.

Middle school level- as we graduate member from the high school program we seem to fill the spots with highly motivated young ladies. Providing these athletes with training and the knowledge they need to compete at the next level. Competing in local, regional, and national all girls events

Elementary school Level- we look to created opportunities to wrestle other girls in local and regional events with a focus on development. Competing in Local, regional and national all girls tournaments.

Coaches education- efforts to bring great coaches from outside the families that are willing to create a positive and structured environment, along with the continuing process with the parents that are involved and coach, while we look to transform past athletes into the coaching and referee rolls, supporting with education and providing resources will make the programs at all levels have success and push our athletes to the highest levels in the sport.


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